Ana Alcaraz

1965, Madrid (Spain)


 "My most sincere works come out of silence. I like to work in solitude to impose the truest feeling. For me, painting has to do with the deepest part of oneself, with the greatest emotion. Colour and gesture rule. Then I focus on a selected scene from a lived moment. I superimpose images that I have placed in silent landscapes. I am interested in painting sometimes mixed with papers as cut-outs that fit together and enhance the colour in an intentional point. Movement is a fundamental part of my work, both in the brushstrokes and in the subjects."

Ana Alcaraz

About Ana Alcaraz


1991-1994 Granda Art Workshops .- Restoration Head Painting on canvas and cardboard. Preparation of enamel.

1988-1990 UCM Painting courses Restoration specialty in that country.

1983 – 1988 Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid.

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Artistic resume and press


2022 17 Art Madrid contemporary art fair in the Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles

2022 Arrow Arturo Soria square

2021 Montpelier Art Fair France (November)

2021 Flecha Bilbao Artea Art Fair Exhibition

2021 Solo exhibition at Este Santander Gallery (October)

2021 Work exhibited at Flecha Madrid Gallery

2021 JustMadrid Art Fair Palacio de Neptuno

2021 ArtMadrid

2021 Arrow, Madrid

2020 Collective exhibition at Bernesga Gallery, León

2020 Exhibition of works awarded with the Reina Sofia Prize for Painting. Cow House, Madrid

2020 Justmad Fair. Palace of Neptune, Madrid

2019 Royal Yacht Club Exhibition. Denia, Alicante

2019 Collective exhibition Club 567, Madrid

2019 Collective exhibition selected works. 5 unique looks. Art Group, Madrid.

2019 FAIM Collective exhibition selected works. Pons Foundation, Madrid.

2019 Selected works Reina Sofía Painting and Sculpture Contest, Madrid.

2019 Collective exhibition selected works. Cow House, Madrid.

2019 Collective exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art. Huete, Cuenca.

2019 Collective exhibition. Caves of Hercules, Toledo.

2018 Collective exhibition selected works. 6 unique looks. Poparte, Madrid.

2018 Collective exhibition. Montsequi. Madrid.

2018 Collective exhibition. Pop Art Gallery. Madrid.

2018 Exhibition. «Open studio» Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid.

2018 Exhibition. Work «MODERN & CONTEMPORANY ART SHOW» Marbella. Spain.

2018 Collective exhibition. «ANAS» Monsequi Gallery. Madrid.

2018 Exhibition. Selected work Reina Sofia Painting and Sculpture Award. Cow House. Madrid.

2018 Collective exhibition. Gastrofestival. Montsequi Gallery. Madrid.

2017 Collective exhibition. Hercules Caves. Toledo.

2017 Individual exhibition. My vivid landscapes. Museum of contemporary art «Florencio de la Fuente». Huete. (Basin).

2017 Individual exhibition. Art Shop. The Moraleja, Madrid.

2017 Collective exhibition. II Pozuelo de Alarcón Painting Contest.

2017 Individual exhibition. Robinson. Madrid.

2017 Collective exhibition. OpenStudio. Madrid.

2017 Collective exhibition, House of Culture. Benissa, Alicante.

2017 Collective exhibition, selected works 52 Reina Sofía Painting and Sculpture Award. House of Cows Madrid.

2016 Valdepeñas collective exhibition.

2015 Solo exhibition at Artshop. The Moraleja, Madrid.

2015 FERIART. Sanchinarro, Madrid.

2015 Solo exhibition at the Gallery. Denia, Alicante.

2014 Individual exhibition ES EL Hipodromo La Zaruzuela, Madrid.

2014 LET STOCK. Madrid.

2014 ART hunger. Veal factory in Madrid.

2012 Individual exhibition «Movement» at the Amador de los Ríos Gallery.

2012 Exhibition at the Real Club Náutico de Dénia.

2011 Collective exhibition at the Amador de los Ríos Gallery in Madrid.

2010Open Art Fair. Gaudi Gallery, Madrid. 2010 art10. Gaudi Gallery, Madrid.

2008 Solo exhibition at the Ríos Amador Gallery in Madrid.

2006 Collective exhibition at the AIMA room in Madrid.

2003 Exhibition at FAIN (Madrid Independent Art Fair). 2004 collective Exhibition at the AIMA room in Madrid.

2001 collective Exhibition at the AIMA room in Madrid.

1998 Collective Exhibition, UGARTESA Hall of Valencia.

1990 Work at the ICROA Madrid Restoration Institute.



2020 Work selected for the Reina Sofia Prize for Painting and Sculpture.

2019 Selected work 54 Reina Sofia Prize for Painting.

2018 Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida painting medal. Award-winning work at the 85th Autumn Salon.

2018 Selected work XXVI López Villaseñor Award.

2018 Work selected for the Reina Sofía painting and sculpture contest.

2017 Selected work at the 2nd Pozuelo Painting Contest, Madrid.

2017 Selected works for Open Studio Madrid.

2017 Selected work painting contest S. Soria University of Alicante.

2017 Selected work 52nd Reina Sofía Painting and Sculpture Prize.

2016 Work selected for the Valdepeñas contest.

2015 Selected small SEPA format.

2013 Selected 80 Autumn Hall. Exhibition Hall Casa de Vacas. Good retirement park.

2011 Selected in the National Painting Contest “For Lands of Castilla-La Mancha”. Municipal Museum of Valdepeñas.

2010 Selected in the National Painting Contest "For Lands of Castilla La Mancha". Municipal Museum of Valdepeñas.

2009 Selected in the «Fermín Santo Sigüenza» contest.

2008 2nd Prize of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors Contest of Plastic Arts of Theme. The sky of Madrid.

2008 Selected III Spring Hall. . Municipality of Valdepenas.

2007 Similar fund acquisition Obras Fundación Wellington Madrid. 2 Acquired works.

2007 Selected Contest «Homage Pancho Cossío.» Cantabria House, Madrid.

2007 Selected XLIV Contest of Plastic Arts of San Isidro.

2007 Selected in the Contest of Plastic Arts. Theme. The sport.

2006 Selected Plastic Arts Contest. Theme «Look at the City». Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors (Space for Art Caja Madrid Aranjuez).

2006 Honorable Mention in the “Landscape with figure” contest of the Madrid City Council.

1991 Selected for the “Salón Nacional de Pintura” contest.

1989 Painting Contest of the School of Naval Engineers of Madrid. 1 Prize.

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