Edo Kaaij

1970, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Edo Kaaij’s unique style is a fascinating blend of the figurative and abstract merging successfully to create a new approach to the human face. Figures present the illusion of moving through blocks of colour, peeking out of the canvas and delicately reflecting light. “I’m always looking for a balance between the contrast of abstract and figurative form in my work, whereby I often let the subject prevail.” His paintings transmit the beauty and kindness he sees in people around him. A skilled mix of pallet knife and warm subdued colours build layered textures.

About Edo Kaaij

This Dutch painter lives and works in Amsterdam. Its vibrant energy, historical architecture and the enormous cultural diversity of its inhabitants are a constant source of inspiration.

Edo has loved and lived to paint since his early childhood working alongside his grandfather, the Dutch naïve artist Cornelis Kaaij. He has since gone on to successfully exhibit at various European art galleries and countless international art fairs such as Art Karlsruhe and Contemporary Istanbul.

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